ITAP. Genius of Photography. Part VI

1.How many photographs are taken in a year?
80 billion.

2.What is Gregory Crewdsons modus operandi?
He uses film set for his pictures, Hollywood manner, lighting, actors etc. Crewdson also has his own art director, camera man, he does not operate camera himself.

3.Which prints command the highest price & what are they called?
Prints, made by photographer himself, closest to the time picture was actually taken. They are called vintage.

4.What is a Fake photograph? Give an example and explain how & why it is fake.
Picture, presented as vintage, but  which is actually not. Eg. Lewis Hine’s ‘Powerhouse Mechanic’ print. Many collectors bought it as only one of two vintage prints, but it happened to be fake, because scientists fount OBAs chemical, used only from 1955, whereas Hine himself died in 1940’s. Fakes were made by Walter Rosenblum.

5.Who is Li Zhensheng and what is he famous for?
He was Red army soldier, a photojournalist, who found himself covering the cultural revolution in 1960’s and early 70’s. He photographed chaos of cultural revolution and was hiding the negatives in order to protect them and himself.

6.What is the photographers “holy of holies”?

7.How does Ben Lewis see Jeff Walls photography?
He thinks that Jeff Walls did not reinvent photography, but took it back to 19th century, to painting, where everything is creative – the people, the light. Everything is constructed for a meaning.

8.Which famous photograph was taken by “Frank Mustard”?
“River scene”

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