Image and text. ITAP

It was a very interesting lecture, but where are 5 principles and how I should write 500 words about it? Ok. I will think about something. Image and text, text and image.
Well, most of the times we see image and text together in advertisements, magazines, newspapers, but let’s look to the image itself. One image can be worthless without text, but for another image text can be irrelevant and even distracting thing. For one it can add a lot to the story it tells, for other, text can turn it only into some tasteless caricature. I would not even think about adding text to some pictures, as works of David LaChapelle. His pictures, they just speak for themselves. Some pictures do not need text, because you just have to read them differently – without any letters or text. You just have to feel them. Some artwork is could not be understood without text. Just as Nedko Solakov’s  ‘Dead Lock Stories’ or other small drawings with amazing little stories. But on the other hand, some pictures would say nothing without text. For example, ironic Sharad Haksar‘s works. Text, logo or letters are in the image, they are the biggest part of it. That is why it makes us smile, makes us think, makes us feel good or bad inside.

David LaChapelle

Nedko Solakov

Sharad Haksar

Interpretation. ITAP

INTERPRETATION. Illustration, photography, all art changes, because time changes. People have much more knowledge in science and nature, technology changes and lets them achieve more impressive results as well. Books that used to be extremely unbelievable are now turned into very well done and realistic movies, so it is a challenge for illustrators to draw things we have seen and heard about so many times before.

I have decided to do research on illustrations and interpretations of the Bible. Scripture perhaps is the most popular book in the Europe of all times, it was the first printed book in Europe s well. We have so many interpretations of this book and we still do not know whether it is true or not. But perhaps it’s upon us to choose. Anyway, from the very beginning, it was illustrated in many various ways – by hand, carvings, some photographers and artists chose this theme for their works, there has been many movies filmed and paintings painted and they all reflect something about mindset of people living in particular time. And here I have some examples of illustrations / interpretations of Bible which I considered to be the most interesting ones.

Though they are quite old-fashioned I think these are my favourite illustrations of Bible made by Paul Gustave Doré (1832 – 1883), French artist, engraver, illustrator and sculptor, who worked primarily with wood and steel engraving.

‘Adam and Eve Driven out of Eden’

‘Death of Abel’

‘The World Destroyed by Water’

Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834  -  1890) ‘Gethsemane’ (Altarpiece). Oil on canvas.

Elsie Anna Wood (1887 – 1978)  Jesus blessing children

Clive Uptton (1911-2006) illustration for children’s Bible

Mel Gibson ‘The Passion of the Christ’ (2004) - controversial movie about last twelve hours before crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

David LaChapelle is one of the artists that use a lot of religious motives in his work. Here is his interpretation of Last Supper, picture of Kanye West for Rolling Stones magazine and a portrait of Michael Jackson.

And also there are a few shocking interpretations of the Scripture – I don’t know what to think about it, it is so unusual – Acion Bible launched in 2011 by David C. Cook, illustrated by Sergio Cariello, a new commix book.

And one more surprising publication of Scripture as a manga, illustrated by Japanese artists, but first published by non-profit organization ‘Next Manga’ in Japanese language, but translated to many other including English, Dutch, French, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Arabic ant other.

DELIVERY. All artists publish their work in various different platforms to create context for their work. The task for us is to choose one artist and look at his work. I chose this principle to have a look at different places, things, situations where photography is used, because sometimes you do not even notice it is there. Or just to remind myself that pictures not only hang on the wall.

Storm Thorgerson.

CD covers.

CD labels.