ITAP. Genius of Photography. Part IV

1.Why did Garry Winogrand take photographs?
To see what the world looked like photographed.

2.Why did “citizens evolve from blurs to solid flesh”?
Technology evolved enough to capture people – shorter exposures were needed, so people were not blurs anymore.

3.What was/is the “much misunderstood theory”?
Cartier Bresson’s decisive moment theory

4.Who was the godfather of street photography in the USA?
Garry Winogrand.

5.Who was Paul Martin and what did he do?
Photographer, who began beach photography in Britain in 1896,  Great Yamouth.

6.Who said “When I was growing up photographers were either nerds or pornographers”?
Edward Ruscha.

7.Why does William Eggleston photograph in colour?
He said himself: “If I just make the colour hierarchy the structure of the picture, can that work and still do realistic subject matter, still do the real world?” Colour gives the meaning to his photographs, some of the pictures would be nothing without the colour.

8.What is William Eggleston about?
He is about photographing life today.

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