Medusa. Backstage

Finally, moving on.
So it's time to show some backstage pictures of my interpretation of Medusa character for university project, a little bit dark, a little bit creepy! It really feels that I am improving, little by little. Thank you everyone that helped me to achieve this!

The team:

Beautiful model - Monika Jaunekaite;
MUA - Aga Marczynska [link]
Hair - Dale Hairdressing [link]
Location - Subway City club in Birmingham, check out their events! [link]

See the shoot here: [link]

Monika getting a makeover.

Cip, trying his best at modelling.

When you can't see colour of your hands! A prove of hard work - glitter everywhere!

And some moments of getting crazy.


Taip netikėtai nelauktai. Mano interviu ir nuotraukos - žurnale "Lietuvė"!


One of the latest photoshoots with my lovely friend and amazing dancer - Giedre.

Special thank you guys from Subway City club for letting me shoot in this amazing location! Check out upcomming events here:

Also thank you once again Giedre, Alex and Horia for your help and support!


And finally, finished pictures from a short photoshoot with Maria. 

Once again thank you everyone that helped me:

Maria - for dancing,
Agata - for make up,
Horia and Alex - for helping with lighting and messing around.


Yesterday I had an amazing short shoot with the dancer - Maria and there is the first edited shot.

And a very very big THANK YOU everyone!

Maria - for modelling,
Agata - for make up,
Horia and Alex - for helping with lighting and messing around.

More pictures to come up soon!

Close up

Obsession. Maria

After a long break, the new obsession. Maria and her violin.

This is about obsessions. About people. About things they can‘t live witout. Because everybody has something weird. Or something overly normal.
I am always waiting for people who want to record their obsession. Habbit. Hobby.
People in the pictures are the authors of illustrations.

Tai yra apie apsėdimus. Apie žmones. Apie dalykus, be kurių jie negali gyventi. Nes visi turi kažką keisto. Arba per daug normalaus.
Visada laukiu naujų žmonių, kurie nori įamžint savo apsėdimą. Pomėgį. Įprotį.
Žmonės nuotraukose yra iliustracijų autoriai.

The fourth one
The fifth one.

The sixth one. Maria