ITAP. Genius of Photography. Part V

1.Who said “ The camera gave me the license to strip away what you want people to know about you, to reveal what you can’t help people knowing about you”, and when was it said?
Diane Arbus, early 60’s.

2.Do photographers tend to prey on vulnerable people?
Yes, they do. Although it has been one of the big controversies, especially in recent years. But it is seen in pictures of the Great Depression era, when vulnerable people were literally on the streets and many great photographs were taken.

3.Who is Colin Wood?
A boy Dianne Arbus photographed in 1962, New York Cenrtal park.

4.Why do you think Diane Arbus committed suicide?
Probably although she was successful photographer, she had very complicated life, problems, thoughts, that she could not share. But no one except of her can tell the real reason.

5.Why and how did Larry Clark shoot “Tulsa”?
He was an insider, shooting his and his friends everyday life. It is more as a diary.

6.Try to explain the concept of “confessional photography”, and what is the “impolite genre”?
It is photography about uncomfortable subjects, themes that ordinary people would not have courage to ask and talk about. It is intimate, showing all aspects of life, even most personal things, so the viewer could sometimes be shocked, even disgusted.

7.What will Araki not photograph, and why?
He do not shoot what he do not want to remember.

8.What is the premise of Postmodernism?
It was the opinion that we now live in the culture so saturated with media imagery and media models of how people live that our idea of how one lives one’s life and who one is made up of that kind of that media myth. In postmodernism, people do not have any inherent humanity. We are all these composites and myths, created by other people.

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