ITAP. Genius of Photography. Part II

What are Typologies?
Photographs made to record the facts, pure documents and nothing else. Usualy made for comparison .

What was “The Face of the Times”?
August Sander‘s publication of portraits (human typologies) in 1920‘s. He was working with old-fahioned glass-plate negatives. Used categorisation based on 7 social types.

Which magazine did Rodchenko design?
USSR In Construction. Propaganda magazine, glorifying achievements of the soviet system. Included photomontage as well.

What is photo-montage?
Technique that took it‘s cue from cinema montage. Cutting, pasting, retouching, rephotographing pictures, text, drawings in order to change its meaning, intention.

Why did Eugene Atget use albumen prints in the 1920’s?
He said himself: ‚I don‘t know how to do that‘

What is solarisation and how was it discovered?
Photograhpic process, invented by Man Ray, french photographer. Process, that gives metalic impression on things, especially human skin.

What was the relationship between Bernice Abbott and
Eugene Atget?
Brought 5000 negatives of Atget to America

Why was Walker Evans fired from the FSA?
He could not make his personal vision conform to the propaganda requirements of the FSA.

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