Genius of Moving Image. Chris Cunningham

1. How did Bjork and Chris collaborate on the All is full of love video?
Bjork did not required anything – artists shared their ideas only – in singers imagination the video was white, containing hard surface that melts because of love and containing erotic themes, then Chris Cunningham cam eup with the concept and idea for the video.

2. What techniques were used on the portishead video to create the unusual slow motion effects? Research this.
It is shot underwater, people were floating in a tank and then digitally inserted into scenes.

3. What other music video directors have gone on to direct feature films? Name two and the feature films they have made.
David Fincher – Curious case of Benjamin Button, Social Network.
Jonas Åkerlund - Horsemen, Small Apartments

4. Which famous sci - fi film did Chris Cunningham’s work on before he became a director?
He had worked for over a year on the film A.I.

5. What makes his work different or original compared to other similar directors?
He has a very different style from other music video directors, his ideas are daring, shocking and unforgettable. Approach: "Many people think my works are scary. Personally, I find them hilarious. Spice Girls videos are scary to me." 

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