finally it came. and finished, my summer break.
my big trip back home and then further - to Poland and Romania.
it was so much different from all the journeys I had. don't even know why. I have never travelled alone so much, but not only that.
and I needed it, badly. to charge myself with sunshine and heat, familly and friends, things I really miss here in UK.

so here is part one. some memories, views, thoughts from trains, plains, busses, hitchhikings, walkings. all kinds of transport, only ships are missing, huh?


it all began at home. the calmness, real summer, nature nature nature, running here and there, meeting people, faces, places.
and still, where is my home now? feels like I have lost  it. you are comming back to the same place, to the same room, which is called 'ours', but it feels not the same. it's your sister's room, more and more then 'yours'. but, it's too familliar, so painfully familliar and you don't want to give it away, still.

and always. we always have to do some 'normal' pictures.
some things don't change, some  bonds stay the same, that's why it feels so good to be back. even if you lose some time, even if.

and my little lovely cousins! hugging and laughing and playing and running around all day long. where from kids have so much energy and fantasy?

 and the countryside.

my mum and sister, helping Barsas to reach apples, different techniques!

 and the hair!

and the nature.

and some rest. my lovely grandparents.

and some work in the garden.

and my grandad, taking care of the bees.

and Roberta, hiding from them.

and then the road, again.

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