finally it came. and finished, my summer break.
my big trip back home and then further - to Poland and Romania.
it was so much different from all the journeys I had. don't even know why. I have never travelled alone so much, but not only that.
and I needed it, badly. to charge myself with sunshine and heat, familly and friends, things I really miss here in UK.

and here is the second part of my wanderings. some memories, views, thoughts from trains, plains, busses, hitchhikings, walkings. all kinds of transport, only ships are missing, huh?

you can see part one HERE.


and then the road, again.
that excitement, when you don't know. where you are going, who you will meet, what you will see. 
some dangers and stupid situations that makes you laugh later on.
your ass, that hurts from hours and hours of sitting, in the bus, car, train, plain.
stupid drivers, that make you watch three movies with S. Siegal in five hours if you can't sleep while they are on.
lots of smiles, new faces and spaces.
sleeping on the bench when you have absolutely no idea where you are.
going to the private pool party after the night, when homeless people throw up just next to you, on the platform in the train station.
swimming in the sea, lakes and rivers.
getting lost between the languages.

oh, i can't wait for the new roads.

the only thing that i regret is that i was too lazy to carry and use my camera all the time and everywhere. on one hand, i don't have so many good pictures. on the other one - i lived my life. i experienced it, i have the memories. and how should i know now, what would have been better..

after around 6 hours in the bus, the first stop is reached - Warszawa. the city, which never attracted me. nor does it now.

and how happy i was to see Paulinka. and  lose time perception. and then just lie by the lake all day long.

600km, hitchhiked in less than 9hours with only 2 stops and a lunch brake and crazy time in Krakow after that. i still can't understand, why we are so amazingly lucky when we are together?

and after seeing Wieliczka salt mines - Agatka! sorry darling once again, that we kept you waiting for so long!

and after this there was the bus with S. Siegal and bulgarian guy, sitting next to me staring at my breasts. and this part of the trip lasted for around 9 hours. afterall the guy got bored and i was left to hear/watch movies. woohoo!

and then it was Hungary. Budapest. sleeping on the bench and then searching for the train station. dear traveller, if you think that you are lost, because all you see is abandoned building with windows shut, don't be misguided - it is Keleti - international train station in the capital of Hungary.

and then the train, not the best decission when you are travelling to Romania alone. 70 euros, 22 hours, one change and endless effort to get rid of boredom.

then finally - Constanța. eatting beakfast at 2pm the earliest. some sightseeing, some parties. swimming in the Black sea. and the heat. air conditioners, then heat again. and guess what, catching cold in the middle of the summer, how can that happen?..

my personal tour guide.

the  harbour and the sea, the sea, the sea!

and excersising by the sea!

and the streets.

and alot of dogs, everywhere.

and the climbing wall! but. nobody was speaking english.

and some parking tricks. after those you, if you are pedestrian of course, just have to walk on the street in the traffic. as simple as that.

and here, a piece of advice. some things you can do with your friend's dreadlocks:

a) borrow them to imagine that you have an amazing moustache;

b) stick it to your forehead to create AN EYEBROW;

c)  eat them, before he cuts them himself!

and then it was my vrăjitoare Popescu, world upside down and cats, suffering from heat as well.

and the STOP sign, the biggest i have ever seen. and you know, size does not matter. i haven't seen a single vehicle, fully stopping before this.

and then it was București, Placebo(!), stupid taxi drivers, amazing Cafes and more HEAT. never will i ever want go back to that city when it's so hot.
and my amazing focusing skills.

and that was about it. annoying airports. long journey back to Birmingham. rain in UK and +13C after around +38C, a bit of a shock. some things i would like to forget, but would repeat again, for the sake of fun i had.

and one more time, if i said it or not, a big big THANK YOU everyone, who took care of me.
the most sincere and honest thank you. this journey would not have been like this without you all.

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