Stupid. ITAP

Visual hierarchy. First of all you notice the image. You think about it, because it is not usual, it is fun, but what is the idea of it? Then you notice text, big colorful letters, simple font, it is hard not to see it and at last you want to know - what is this picture about? Than it makes a lot more sense and you can come back to the image, rethink it, search for more details. It is smart, but stupid. Would you ever do something like this?
This is my favorite advertising company of all times, I guess. Developed by Anomaly – film/ advertising agency based in New York and London, launched by the international jeans  brand and it is really good illustration of all our studies so far, I think. Diesel ‘Be stupid’. Search for an inspiration. Think irrationally. Do not be afraid to take risks. Make stupid things. Be stupid. That is what they say.


Legibility. It is one of the five principles lecturer have been talking about in the ITAP lecture.  And I have found an amazing booklet of Orange mobile – ‘Mobile phones: what parents need to know’, which I think illustrates this principle really well. This is really amazing work, a collaboration of graphic designers, photographers and illustrators. In my opinion the leaflet is designed for middle aged people, parents, who are not really interested in new technologies or even do not understand anything about it. It is smartly done and contains a lot of useful information. First of all, page format is quite unusual, non-standard, it has much more length than width and the cover seems to be really informal, that attracts the eye from the first sight. Primarily you could think that it is something for children – the cover looks like it is been drawn by child, but later, when you read the title you understand that it is actually a booklet for adults. We can see domination of only a few colors – white, black, dark blue, and, of course, the main color of the company – orange. Information and pictures usually take one page – that makes it easier to understand the structure of the booklet. Text is divided into two columns, font is simple, letters are quite big – it all makes it very legible and clear. Simple design of text part lets us notice photographs as well. They are big, clear, quite colorful, single-paged and decorated with really smart illustrations, which pictures each chapter of the booklet. Illustrations are done only black and white, so they stand out from the whole picture and become the most important part of the page. They contain the main idea of the chapter and the point of view is unusual, it makes the reader of booklet smile. It is designed really smartly, pictures and text emphasize each other, it is not overcrowded with unnecessary information as well. It is really worth seeing this booklet for inspiration of smart and minimalistic design.

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