Dream. ITAP

Science of sleep. 3 act structure. 
First of all sorry for spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it yet. That means you should go away and not read this until you watched it! Because it is amazing. Mind blowing. I feel that I still can not understand it completely after watching a couple of times, you can find new details every single time you see it and interpret the main characters differently every time. Oh, happy crazy people.

And yes, more or less it has a 3-act structure, which we have to analyse. And it is not so obvious and predictable as in commercial movies, especially in box-office Hollywood production. 

Beginning. Movie starts in an unusual way. Studio. Later we understand that it is the mind, head of the main character, where all secrets desires and the most important - dreams - are hidden. Protagonist moves into new house and meets his new neighbours – that is the end of Act I in my point of view. This movie is also unusual, because protagonist’s equilibrium is destroyed even before the movie – his father died and he moves to the other country, to his childhood apartment of his mother. And there goes another crash – love.

Crisis. Can I have her number or can not? But maybe I love someone else? Not her? Can I quit my job? How should I say I am her neighbour? Why it is so boring? Who are these people? Why she does not love me? Would she marry me? How can I tell her? It is the crisis of protagonist’s mind, his feelings and desires, he does not know whether it is reality or a dream and how to cope with his feelings, how to reach her? Furthermore he hates his job, his colleagues at work are crazy and he has this job only because his mother knows the director, so what’s the point? Love, relationship and dreams dreams dreams mixed with reality – Act II consists mainly of these things.

End. Protagonist is fired from his boring job, he is ready to move back, but first of all he wants to say good bye. And it all ends after the deepest crisis. He is asleep. Dreaming. So the second equilibrium is also reached after the movie – we can only predict he reaches the state of happiness, because we are on the cliff hanger– what is he going to do when he wakes up?

Character. Who doesn’t know the most famous story of toys? Toy story! And it’s main character – Woody!
The most simple model of a doll ever, made from cloth, soft, flexible – the most ordinary, but (as we see in the movie) leaving the best memories and the best feelings for the owner. We can see a very clear cowboy’s image – brave, strong (although he looks slim and weak), has very strong characteristics of leader, smart, but is supportive and perceptive as well. Yes, lacks originality, because it is a perfect stereotype of a hero (though a toy hero) who looks weak in the beginning, but solves all the problems in the end. Wears usual cowboy’s attributes – checked shirt, jeans, boots, 
sheriff star and of course – hat! 

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