Image and text. ITAP

It was a very interesting lecture, but where are 5 principles and how I should write 500 words about it? Ok. I will think about something. Image and text, text and image.
Well, most of the times we see image and text together in advertisements, magazines, newspapers, but let’s look to the image itself. One image can be worthless without text, but for another image text can be irrelevant and even distracting thing. For one it can add a lot to the story it tells, for other, text can turn it only into some tasteless caricature. I would not even think about adding text to some pictures, as works of David LaChapelle. His pictures, they just speak for themselves. Some pictures do not need text, because you just have to read them differently – without any letters or text. You just have to feel them. Some artwork is could not be understood without text. Just as Nedko Solakov’s  ‘Dead Lock Stories’ or other small drawings with amazing little stories. But on the other hand, some pictures would say nothing without text. For example, ironic Sharad Haksar‘s works. Text, logo or letters are in the image, they are the biggest part of it. That is why it makes us smile, makes us think, makes us feel good or bad inside.

David LaChapelle

Nedko Solakov

Sharad Haksar

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