Sketch. Think. ITAP

Principle 2. Brain
This is one of the pictures from the project called ‘If Drawings Were Photographs’ by Tom Edwards and Rob Matthew. First of all artists made sketches, drawings and then tried to convert it into a photograph. It is a playful piece of work, which made artists create, think and play with the ideas and generation, search for a fun and interesting way of turning it into image. How can this painting turn into image? What materials, colors, techniques to use? Those were the main questions for the artists. The audience artists are referring to might be optimistic people with a sense of humor, people who could understand that this work is done including game as well as analysis. And the final piece makes the audience smile, feel playful and ask questions as well. It stimulates imagination, creativity, allows us feel like a child again, makes us think of how they have found the decision of the problem. The dog in the picture is ironically humanized by using glasses, the background is simple, we can see the walls of the apartment, the simplicity of camera parameters, poor flash, lightning, bad focus, everything is simple, ordinary things, including composition and atmosphere, it also shows that the artists were not developing extraordinary ideas, they just tells us that even with the most simple things you can create something more than a dull everyday photography. Some people might not like this picture and the whole project for low quality and parameters, but the most important in this is the idea itself, the simplicity and minimalism in both, illustration and photograph. It captures attention, surprises, makes us think, frown or smile and all in all you can really love it or hate it.

Principle 5. Reflection
This is a fragment from Eugene Delacroix‘s (1798-1863) sketchbook. At the time, at about 1830’s famous French painter was travelling in northern Africa with the diplomatic mission, just after French invasion to Aleria. Artist wanted to escape from civilisation, know different, primitive people and culture. He was drawing everything he saw around him, as we can see in the picture: people, faces, landscapes, shapes, moments of life, warriors, diplomats and also he combined drawings with text, brief notes of memories, explanations, ideas. Text and drawing combined together complete artist’s thoughts, it relflects each other and helps to remember original ideas better than text or drawing sepparately. Artist was not searching for the perfect composition and details by sketching, though the colouring and drawing are realistic, the artist tried to record everything that surrounded him, create and remember some simple ideas for the future generation. First of all these sketches were designed for himself only, for discovering, developing new concepts, thoughts for paintings, it was recording of travelling and exploration of new, differend, unknown wild world, but on the other hand, nowadays we can analyse it from historical point of view as well, as his notes and sketches gives us a lot of information about the incidents, life and war in nothern Africa.

Taken from:  Artists's sketchbooks

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